Australian Property Myths

Myth No. 1    Hit with Ball
“Resale property can only be sold to locals?”
Resale property can be sold to all residents including Aussie, PRs, students and all other resident Visa holders. This group of people actually forms up 90% of its Australian property buyers.

Myth No. 2    Hit with BallHit with Brick
“There is an oversupply currently.”
Current population growth at an estimate rate of 400,000 per year with a NOM of 60% which means, 240,000 people need a ready home to live in almost immediately.

Myth No. 3  Hit with BallHit with BrickHit with Ball
“It is difficult to get financing.”
Did you know you can get up to 80% LTV and there is no age limit imposed? Besides, you can opt for Interest Only Loan with the lowest possible rate ever?

Myth No. 4  Hit with BallHit with BrickHit with BallHit with Brick
“You need a lot of capital upfront.”
Did you know there are a lot of good buys still & you only require a 10% down payment while the balance can be deferred until its completion?

Myth No. 5  Hit with BallHit with BrickHit with BallHit with BrickHit with Ball
“Its too far away and nobody is there to help manage them.”
HUTTONS provide a ONE-STOP service where we introduce to you:
a) Lawyer who takes care of all your needs and interest 
b) Loan Mortgage broker who represents most of onshare banks
c) A Tax Consultant to assist to reduce all your Tax burdens
d) A lease and management to assist in managing your property

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